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Beauty Savvy

How To Be…Beauty Savvy!

Follow these fail-safe tips and never have a disastrous haircut or messy manicure again! We’ve all been there. Trying to mask the look of dismay as our stylist unveils a hair horror worthy of...

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day?

Wait, don’t cancel your meeting/lunch date/life! Help is at hand Try Our Fast Fixes! My hair’s gone really frizzy Humidity is like Kryptonite for your hair, and can turn even the sleekest of styles...

Being Beauty Smart

Being Beauty Smart

Expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to cosmetics. From skin cream to mascara, we reveal when to save and when to splash out.

Bath Spa

Bath Spa

Enjoy all the indulgent treats of a beauty spa in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Some Makeup Mistakes of Women

All woman care about their appearance, especially when they are planning to attend party or large gatherings. In this article we are trying to consider some common makeup mistakes of women. Imbalance: When it...

way to glow! best advice for DIY

Top tips for self-tan success (and how to avoid the tell-tale signs that you’re faking it). DO! Prep your skin by shaving or waxing beforehand and exfoliating the night before. Put moisturizer on dry...

5 ways to younger smile

Need an instant, major solution? consider veneers : experts say they can help fix chips and rebuild bites 1.BRUSH & FLOSS CAREFULLY “The first thing is buy an electric toothbrush,” says Dr. Michael Apa,...