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Beauty Savvy

How To Be…Beauty Savvy!

Follow these fail-safe tips and never have a disastrous haircut or messy manicure again! We’ve all been there. Trying to mask the look of dismay as our stylist unveils a hair horror worthy of...

Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day?

Wait, don’t cancel your meeting/lunch date/life! Help is at hand Try Our Fast Fixes! My hair’s gone really frizzy Humidity is like Kryptonite for your hair, and can turn even the sleekest of styles...

Being Beauty Smart

Being Beauty Smart

Expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to cosmetics. From skin cream to mascara, we reveal when to save and when to splash out.

Bath Spa

Bath Spa

Enjoy all the indulgent treats of a beauty spa in the comfort of your own bathroom.

How to look taller

Regardless of being tall or short, everyone usually would like to look taller than their actual height. Of course, the women may wear high heel shoes to compensate their short height; however, there are...

Dresses rules

Try something new Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one-piece dressing. Always wear a shift? Then time to try a tunic. Always opt for mini? Time to try out maxi. Big up your best bits Suss...

Skirts rules & Coats rules!

Skirts rules Don’t fall down at thefirst hurdle. What you wear underneath will make or break your skirt success. Avoid an unsightly VPL and go for a smooth and sexy finish. Know what works...

How to match the colors?

Many of us choose the clothes of white, black, gray, and brown colors, because they are easier to be matched. However, we may put artistically and beautifully together two different colors, create newer and...