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Marilyn Monroe

Guess the famous hands…

Take a look at the following analyses of historical figures’ handwriting, (commissioned by Cancer Research UK as part of their Write An End To Cancer campaign*). Can you match the person to the writing?...

Summer Bolognese

Perfect Pasta

Whipping up a wholesome home-cooked meal with pasta is so easy! All these 3 recipes are ready within 20 minutes. Pesto, Pea & Bean Pasta   Ingredients 250g (8oz) orecchiette 100g (3½oz) each green...

Feeling Cramped

Feeling Cramped?

Many of us get the occasional cramp, but, for some, it’s a recurring condition that blights their lives.

Being Beauty Smart

Being Beauty Smart

Expensive doesn’t always mean better when it comes to cosmetics. From skin cream to mascara, we reveal when to save and when to splash out.

Pizza Perfection

Fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy.
Make these speedy pizzas with their fresh healthy toppings and everyone’s a winner!

Healthy Body, Radiant Skin

A great complexion isn’t about what goes on to your skin, but what goes into your body – so make sure you’re eating the right foods.

Beat the winter

Autumn means winter’s just around the corner, but it doesn’t have to be your unhealthiest time of year. Here’s how to ward off germs and help you sail healthily through the winter. Boost your...

How to look taller

Regardless of being tall or short, everyone usually would like to look taller than their actual height. Of course, the women may wear high heel shoes to compensate their short height; however, there are...

How to match the colors?

Many of us choose the clothes of white, black, gray, and brown colors, because they are easier to be matched. However, we may put artistically and beautifully together two different colors, create newer and...